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Selkirk Rex

Contributor(s): Karen Lawrence, Vetstream Ltd, Rosemary Fisher



  •   Selkirk Rex 

General information

  • Naturally curly cat which originated from a natural mutation in a straight haired housecat found in an animal shelter in 1987 in the United States (dominant gene). 
  • Official breed recognition given in 1990 by some associations. Recognized as Miscellaneous Breed by CFA in 1992.
  • Markedly different coat from the two Rex breeds that preceded it - the Cornish Rex Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex Devon Rex.
  • Also come in longhair and shorthair unlike other Rex breeds. 
  • Known as "Cats in Sheep Clothing" due to their soft, thick coats with non-matting loose curls.
  • Very patient, tolerant, easy going cats. Cuddly and playful, making excellent pets.

Biological data

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