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Pregnancy diagnosis

Contributor(s): David Godfrey, Rob Lofstedt, Autumn P Davidson


  • Pregnancy diagnosis and subsequent examinations are important because:
    • Permits better cattery husbandry when pregnancy is confirmed.
    • Permits earlier evaluation for failure to conceive.
    • Owners can home/sell kittens while they are still in utero.
    • The fertility of the male can be proven.
    • The health of the pregnancy and fetal viability can be monitored. 
    • Gestational aging is possible.
    • Stud fees can be paid on the basis of a positive pregnancy diagnosis.
    • Owner can prepare for the parturition Parturition.
    • Single kitten syndrome can be confirmed and managed appropriately.
    • Non-gravid females need not be treated unnecessarily to terminate pregnancies.


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