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American Curl

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General information

  • Originated in Southern California in 1981. First CFA breed accepted for championship status as a single breed with two coat lengths.
  • Some associations call the shorthair variety the "Shorthair Curl", while others call the shorthair "American Curl" and the longhair variety, the "American Curl Longhair".
  • Best known for its unique curled-back ears which arise from a dominant gene (a spontaneous genetic mutation likely responsible). Kittens are born with straight ears which start to curl back after 3-5 days. The ears unfurl gradually until permanently set at around 16 weeks.
  • Affectionate, moderately docile, need a lot of attention. Extremely people-oriented. Can become lonely and bored if left alone - a compatible cat companion can help.
  • Require grooming every few weeks for shorthair or twice a week for longhair variety.

Biological data

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