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Synonym(s): Malignant melanoma

Contributor(s): Philip K Nicholls, Marion O'Leary, Laura Garrett, Susan North, Isabelle Desmas-Bazelle


  • Less common in the cat than in the dog and horse, but not rare, comprising <2% of feline tumors, and 0.5% of feline skin tumors.
  • Eye and skin affected more often than oral cavity.
  • Diagnosis: cytology, histopathology.
  • Treatment: surgical resection +/- radiotherapy & chemotherapy +/- immunotherapy.
  • Prognosis: 29-47% of melanocytic feline skin tumors are benign. Recurrence and metastasis are common in malignant melanoma.
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  • Occur experimentally with feline sarcoma virus (FeSV) Feline sarcoma virus infection.
  • Unlikely to be cause of naturally occurring melanomas.


  • Neuroecrodermal origin.
  • Melanin is transferred to keratinocytes.
  • Benign tumors - local problem only.
  • Malignant tumors - metastasis to distant sites (lung and liver common), usually via lymph nodes.


  • Primary mass may not cause a problem unless very large.


  • Primary mass may obscure vision or cause secondary glaucoma, uveitis.
  • Eyelid and ocular surface - majority malignant.
  • Limbic (scleral/subconjunctival) - majority benign.
  • Intra-ocular - majority malignant but slow time course for both primary lesion and metastasis.
  • Feline conjunctival lymphoma - majority malignant.


  • Benign tumors slow growing.
  • Malignant tumors often slow to metastasize - several years for ocular lesions.
  • Malignant cutaneous melanomas very aggressive and metastasize rapidly (rare).


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