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Skin: atopic dermatitis


Synonym(s): Atopic disease, atopy


  • Cause: skin disease due to an allergic reaction to environmental allergens.
  • Signs: variable including symmetrical alopecia, miliary dermatitis, eosinophilic plaques and pruritus of head and neck.
  • Diagnosis: elimination of other causes of pruritus; history and clinical signs. Allergy testing is used to identify individual offending allergens.
  • Prognosis: control likely but life-long treatment required.


Predisposing factors


  • Familial history of atopy is assumed from the condition in other species but this will rarely be helpful in clinically assessing a feline patient.


  • Feline atopy is caused by an exaggerated or inappropriate immune response of the affected cat to environmental allergens.
  • The pathogenesis of this inappropriate response is unknown, although it is believed that a reaginic antibody (IgE and probably IgG) is present in the skin.
  • The reaginic antibody is assumed to cause an immediate reaction to the intradermal injection of antigens.
  • The precise immunology and pathogenesis remain obscure. Feline IgE has been ideintified and cloned but whether it is important in all cases that are currently considered to have feline atopic dermatitis is not clear. For example, many of these cases will be negative on both intradermal and serological allergy testing (which should be detecting allergen-specific IgE) and significant numbers that do have positive results on these tests fail to have a good response to allergen specific immunotherapy Allergy-specific immunotherapy based on them.


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