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Synonym(s): Tear overflow

Contributor(s): Dennis E Brooks, Paul Evans, Newman Lorna, Philip K Nicholls, David Williams


  • Cause: congenital in Persians, also caused by increased tear production, eg ocular pain, or by impaired tear drainage Micropunctum.
  • Signs: overflow of tears from the eye.
  • Diagnosis: signs.
  • Treatment: depends on cause.
  • Prognosis: depends on cause.




  • Shallow lacrimal lake etc.

Ocular irritation

Impaired tear drainage


  • Persians.


Congenital epiphora of Persians

  • Unknown etiology - probably anatomical.

Excessive tear production

  • Results from a painful or irritant stimulus.

Impaired tear drainage

  • Primary problems include absence of the lower punctal opening and micropunctum Micropunctum.
  • Secondary obstructions of the drainage system may result from symblepharon Symblepharon, foreign bodies, space occupying lesions, etc.


  • Shallow orbit and medial canthal lake together with prominent globe   →   tear overflow.

Ocular irritation

  • Ocular irritation   →   excessive tear production   →   nasolacrimal drainage system overwhelmed   →   tear overflow.

Nasolacrimal blockage

  • Blockage of the tear drainage system   →   tear overflow.


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