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Mycobacterium bovis


Synonym(s): M. bovis




  • Family: Mycobacteriaceae.
  • Genus: Mycobacterium.
  • Species: bovis.


  • Gr: myces- fungus; bakterion- a small rod.
  • L: bov-, bos - ox.

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Clinical Effects



  • Major reservoir is dairy cattle and salivatic reservoir of small rodents.
  • Humans also infected.
  • Can also survive in the soil.


  • Cats fed contaminated milk, milk products or meat.
  • Contact with infected humans.

Pathological effects

  • Cats are sensitive to M. bovis infection, though relatively resistant to other tuberculous mycobacteria.
  • Cats respond erratically to intradermal or ophthalmic tuberculin testing.
  • Immunity largely cell-mediated, but lesions formed in part by the cell-mediated immune response.
  • Antibodies are markers of infection, not mediators of resistance.
  • Widespread pyogranulomatous lesions indicate poor protective immune response.
  • Survives in macrophages.
  • Infection via oral (most common), skin or mucous membranes, or pulmonary exposure.
  • Incubation period 2 months to more than 1 year.
  • Initial lesions usually in wall of gastrointestinal tract or hilar lymph nodes   →   infection spreads by lymphatic and hematogenous routes   →   tonsils, lymph nodes, cecum and nasal turbinates.
  • Disease may later extend to serosa, mucosae or bone.
  • Pleural or peritoneal effusions may occur.
  • Skin or ocular infections may also be seen. Ulcerative skin lesions more common in cats; ocular involvement leading to blindness may occur.
  • Generally presents as chronic wasting with localized or widespread pyogranulomatous inflammation.


Control via animal

  • Uncommon in US due to eradication efforts.
  • Avoid contact with infected dairy products/meat or infected humans.
  • Prevent hunting.

Control via chemotherapies

  • Not well established in cats.
  • Ethical question over treatment; possible zoonotic risk.
  • Euthanasia may be recommended on public health grounds.
  • Bacteriological cure may not coincide with resolution of clinical signs.
  • Combination therapy (humans and dogs).
  • Enrofloxacin   Enrofloxacin  , Rifampin, Azithromycin   Azithromycin  .
  • Isoniazid, ethambutol, rifampin.
  • Streptomycin   Streptomycin  .

Control via environment

  • Control of bovine tuberculosis.


  • None.


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