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  • Warmblood.


  • Standardbred   Standardbred  .

General information

  • Originated in the USA.
  • The breed can be traced back to the 18th century, to the English Thoroughbred   Thoroughbred  , Messenger.
  • The fastest harness-racing horse in the world.
  • The name is derived from an early practice of registration. The horse had to trot or pace one mile in a standard time.
  • Trained to pace or trot.
  • Good stamina and speed.
  • Calm disposition.
  • Has been used to improve trotters all over the world.


  • Thoroughbred   Thoroughbred    →   Canadian Trotter   →    Hackney   Hackney    →    Narrangansett Pacer   →    Arab   Arab    →    Barb   →    Morgan   Morgan  .

Principal uses

  • Harness-racing.
  • Driving.


  • Registered.

Biologic Data

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