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Mandible/maxilla: brachygnathism/prognathism



  • Cause: congenital incongruity between mandible and maxilla.
  • Signs:
    • Brachygnathism: brachygnathic (short) mandible   Mandible: prognathism 01    Maxilla: brachygnathism 02  - upper incisors overlap lower   →   abnormal wear   Teeth: abnormal wear  and overgrowth; abnormal wear of molars   →   hooks and shear wear; chronic cases may develop dysphagia.
    • Prognathism: prognathic (long) mandible relative to maxilla - less common, but causes similar abnormal dental wear   Mandible: prognathism 02  .
  • Diagnosis: oral    /dental examination .
  • Treatment: regular rasping   Teeth: rasping (floating)  of incisors and molars; provide feed or pasture that is easy to pull up and masticate.
  • Prognosis: good if dental care maintained.
    Print off the Owner Factsheet onDental careto give to your client   Dental care  .


Further Reading


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