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Staining techniques: Romanowsky-type stains


Synonym(s): Wright's, Giemsa, Diffquick


  • Romanowsky stains are neutral stains composed of a mixture of oxidized methylene blue (azure) dyes and Eosin Y.
  • The azures are basic dyes that bind acid nuclei and result in a blue to purple color.
  • The acid dye, eosin, is attracted to the alkaline cytoplasm, producing red coloration.


  • Blood films, bone marrow examination, cytology Stain: Wrights.


  • Readily available, easy to prepare, maintain and use.


  • Nuclear and nucleolar detail not as good as Papanicolaou stain Staining techniques: Papanicolaou stain , but adequate to distinguish neoplasia from inflammation.
  • pH sensitive therefore buffer and rinse water are critical.


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