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Hematology: neutrophil

Contributor(s): Kathleen P Freeman, Simon Tappin


  • Neutrophils phagocytose and digest foreign material in acute infectious or non-infectious inflammation.
  • The degree of [neutrophil] increase (neutrophilia) and presence or absence of left-shift provides a valuable diagnostic (in combination with other tests) and prognostic tool in many diseases.
  • Regenerative left-shift: neutrophilia with increased numbers of bands (mature neutrophils usually outnumber bands Hematology: band neutrophil, band cell ).
  • Degenerative left-shift: increased numbers of bands without increased numbers of mature neutrophils. Presence indicates that production and release are not meeting demand.
  • Marked left-shift (bands and metamyelocytes) Hematology: band neutrophil, band cell → acute to peracute, suppurative diseases. Any stage younger than the metamyelocyte is not capable of phagocytosis.
  • Neutrophils are short-lived (approximately 4 days).


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  • Manual hemocytometer - accuracy +/- 20-25%.
  • Electronic counting systems - accuracy +/- 3-5% (intralaboratory precision) or +/- 10-15% (interlaboratory precision).
  • Some in-practice analyzers or cell counting methods available.


  • Widely available at commercial laboratories.
  • May be performed in practice.



  • Sensitive.


  • Non-specific.

Predictive value

  • Useful if used in conjunction with differential white blood cell counts.

Technician (extrinsic) limitations

  • Some experience is required for accurate identification of leukocytes.

Result Data

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