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Synonym(s): Suprelorin®

Contributor(s): Monica Ptaszynska, Angelika von Heimendahl



  • Deslorelin.

Class of drug

  • Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist.


Chemical name

  • Available veterinary formulation contains deslorelin as deslorelin acetate.

Physical properties

  • White to pale yellow cylindrical implant (size of a microchip).
  • Implant is supplied in a pre-loaded implanter.

Storage requirements

  • Store in refrigerator (2-8°C).
  • Do not freeze.
  • Shelf-life of product packaged for sale: 2 years.


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  • For the induction of temporary infertility in healthy, entire, sexually mature male dog. An alternative to surgical castration Castration.

Reported indications in dogs outside of the licensed use

Male dogs

  • Undesired/overexpressed sexual behavior: as the treatment lowers libido and male sexual behavior, it can be used to determine whether high testosterone production is the underlying cause and whether castration would be the right solution.
  • Treatment with slow release formulations of deslorelin was reported in the management of hormone-dependent benign prostate gland hyperplasia Prostate: benign hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

Female dogs

  • Treatment with slow release formulations of deslorelin was reported as temporary inhibition of estrous cycle and ovulation.
  • Due to the initial stimulation of FSH and LH release, deslorelin in slow release formulation was used for induction of estrus and ovulation in female dogs.


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with other drugs

  • None known.

Warnings for personnel handling the product

  • Women in childbearing age should avoid contact with the product or wear disposable plastic gloves when handling the product.
  • Pregnant women should handle the product with extreme care.

Adverse Reactions

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  • Virbac Ltd, Woolpit Business Park, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk IP30 9UP, UK.