Canis ISSN: 2398-2942

Belgian Shepherd Dog

Synonym(s): Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois, Tervueren


General information

  • Originating in Belgium for use in livestock herding, there are four very distinct types, the Groenendael (Groenendaal), Laekense (Laekenois), Mechelaar (Malinois) and Tervuren (Tervueren).
  • They are all suitable for the urban environment and make good watchdogs. Very robust and strong-willed, they require early obedience training.
  • The Groenendael's long coat will require regular grooming.
  • Alert and active, the Laekenois is less snappy and good with children if it gets used to them at an early age, but not always good with other dogs.
  • The Malinois is good with children and less snappy. Resourcefulness and an instinct to guard and protect makes it popular with the police force.
  • The Tervueren's long coat will require regular grooming. Easily trained and good concentration skills make it very popular with the police and for agility trials work, also for work with the blind and disabled. Needs a firm hand and understanding master; also requires a lot of exercise.

Biological Data

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