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General information

  • Originated from Zaire in Africa as a small, short-haired hunting dog.
  • An ancient breed dating back to the pharaohs, has a keen nose which can scent at 80 yards, is known as the silent hunter.
  • The Basenji does not bark but it is not mute.
  • Short, fine and smooth coat.
  • It is intelligent, independent, alert and aloof with strangers.
  • Wrinkled forehead, tightly curled tail and smooth gait.
  • It has a balanced structure and a smooth musculature which enables ease of movement and agility.

Biological Data

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  • Visit the American Kennel Club website to search for details of AKC-recognized breed clubs -
  • Basenji Club of America, Anne Graves, 5102 Darnell Street, Houston, Texas, 77096-1404, USA