COVID-19 & Vetstream


We know this is a very difficult and uncertain time. COVID19 is impacting every person, every business and every nation around the world. It is our duty of care to update you all on how Vetstream is taking steps to make sure you have everything you need.

We wanted to reassure you that we have put actions in place to ensure our services remain running as normal, and continue to be accessible wherever and whenever you need them.

Our support line is open and will remain open for any questions or queries. You can contact us via phone, email or by using the red support button on our website.
Call +44(0)1223 895818 or email

Being a digital service provider, we are fortunate to still be able to supply you with the products you need to help aid your business and day-to-day actions that are achievable. With that said, we are working hard to protect our own team, and we are currently actioning a working from home plan.

Our Vetlexicon content will continue to be regularly updated and maintained, so it is still the highest standard available. We will be highly active across our social media channels, and the conversation with Vetstream is always open.

CNA help guide:
How to properly wash your hands
Don’t forget our Vetacademy platform for all your online CPD needs.


We have an incredible CPD/CE bundle available covering all aspects of wellbeing -‚Äč which we will keep on sale throughout this global crisis.
For country specific information please select the flag of your country of interest
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We wish you, your colleagues, clients, friends and family well in the situation. We will be working to highlight where we can help and support your wellbeing as we get through this together.

The Vetstream Team