Rabbit Survey Reveals Mildly Flat-Faced Breeds are Most Popular


Experts have found the cutest looking rabbit face using a survey which was created to help them understand why people choose certain breeds of bunny...
The survey had an unprecedented level of interest, with over twenty thousand people completing it from around the world.

The results* will be used to help guide the choice of potential rabbit owners to avoid some of the health problems associated with intensive breeding of popular rabbits.

Using the Rabbit Face Survey, which was launched last year, experts from the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine have found that rabbits with flatter, and shorter faces than wild rabbits, are the most popular.

The survey found that mildly-flat-faced rabbits are the most preferred globally to any other kind, and that the longest faced rabbits are the least preferred.

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*Harvey N D, Oxley J A, Miguel-Pacheco G, Gosling E M & Farnworth M (2019) What makes a rabbit cute? Preference for rabbit faces differs according to skull morphology and demographic factors. Animals 9 (10), 728 PubMed.

Image: Havana rabbit