Obesity care in practice – free webinars


A free two-part webinar starts this month to help anyone working with obese pets in veterinary practices....

The Obesity Care in Practice webinars will help you to recognise obesity and to create individual weight-loss plans and turn failing cases into successful ones.

The webinars are brought to you by Royal Canin and will be presented by Georgia Woods RVN, CertCFVHNut, VTS (Nutrition). Georgia is clinic nurse at the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic at the University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital. She has been dealing exclusively with obese pets and nutrition for the past five years.

Georgia Woods, said, “Pet obesity is on the rise and it’s one of the biggest challenges that veterinary professionals face. It reduces pets’ quality of life and leads to a range of illnesses that shorten life expectancy. This two-part webinar will help veterinarians, veterinary nurses and practice managers to effectively manage pet obesity and make a difference to the lives of their patients.”

Part one: Obesity Care in Practice – Essential Elements, Tuesday 22nd September at 8pm.

This lecture will discuss the essential elements that will give the greatest chance of successful obesity care and weight management. From obesity recognition, communication with clients to achieving your goals, the lecture will give guidance on how to help every patient that has obesity.

Part two: Tailored plans and problem cases, Tuesday 20th October 2020 at 8pm.

At first glance, obesity care may appear to be simple. It’s often assumed that restricting calorie intake and increasing activity levels will lead to weight loss. The reality is that obesity management it is more complicated. This lecture will discuss the many elements that will affect successful outcomes, together with how to create individualised plans and turn failing cases into successful ones.

Don’t miss out on the webinars and your chance to put your questions to Georgia. Register for the free webinars https://www.thewebinarvet.com/pages/register-royal-canin-weight-management-series/