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Feline infectious anemia (FIA)

FIA is caused by hemotropic bacteria known as hemoplasmas. The following topics have been updated:

Reviewed by Emi Barker BSc(RVC) BVSc(Bristol) PhD(Bristol) DipECVIM-CA

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Diagnostic imaging

8 new normal radiographs have been added to the Diagnostic imaging category.

Images provided by Mark Straw BVetMed CertSAS MRCVS

Critical Care updates

The following topics in the Critical Care category have been updated:

Reviewed by Neus Elias LMV PgCert CertAVP MRCVS and Daniel Lewis MA VetMB CVA DACVECC DECVECC MRCVS

Diagnostic trees

There are currently 61 diagnostic trees in the Diagnostic Trees category (with links to the relevant topics in Felis). Here are a few examples:

Provided by Clinician's Brief