UPDATE... Neurological EHV-1 Confirmed at a Premises in Hampshire



According to Maynes and Scrine Equine Veterinary Practice the premises in question is taking veterinary advice and is managing the situation extremely responsibly...

Four horses have now died following this outbreak.

Crofton Manor in Stubbington, Hampshire is in complete lockdown after 10 horses tested positive.

So far reports confirm there are still no cases of Equine Herpes Virus outside of Crofton Manor.


They're advising to take a precautionary but pragmatic approach to the situation and have said that anyone attending the premises on or after the 20th December 2019 are at risk and horses should be placed in isolation for 14 days to avoid direct and indirect contact with other horses. Blood sampling and nasopharyngeal swabbing has also been advised. In the meantime they suggest being vigilant for any respiratory symptoms, fever, swollen glands or swollen limbs and to call the practice with any concerns.

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