Injured Horse Saved by Iraq Military Medical Invention


Medical equipment developed to treat severely wounded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan has saved the life of a young horse in Hampshire...
Olivia Yendall, 19, feared her Welsh Cob, April, would be put down when its hoof was almost severed by barbed wire.

But while April was at Seadown veterinary hospital, visiting equine experts Dr Derek Knottenbelt and Georgie Hollis, used a specialist saline pump (Versajet) to treat the wound and the horse is now recovering well.

Seadown equine vet Breda McDonagh said it had been a "stroke of really good luck" that Prof Knottenbelt and Mr Hollis had been on site, adding that the treatment had been the "turning point" in the horse's recovery.

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Image: Olivia and April ©Seadown Vets