Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber Installed to Help Animals Affected by the Wildfires in Australia


CEO of Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine, R. Andrew Malek, is traveling to Australia this week to oversee the installation of the very first HVM Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber on the continent at “The Vet Practice” in Whittlesea, Victoria...
This installation is the latest in a flurry of international chamber placements by HVM over the past year, with others landing in Canada, Portugal, Singapore, New Zealand and a trove of five veterinary facilities in Brazil, including the Federal University of Santa Maria.

While abroad, Mr. Malek will also have meetings with members in the veterinary world about the possibility of adding more veterinary hyperbaric chambers to drastically help with the treatment and recovery of the animals affected by the recent wildfires in the southeastern part of the region. The possibility of full donations of HVM chambers to not-for-profit organizations will be discussed as well.

If any corporations, practices or individuals would like to help or consider donations to provide veterinary hyperbaric chambers to the wildfire affected areas of Australia, please visit

A complete list of all current and future locations of HVM chamber-equipped facilities can be found here!