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Canine neural angiostrongylosis

Canine neural angiostrongylosis is caused by Angiostrongylosis cantonensis, the rat lungworm, after ingestion of infected snails and slugs.

Written by: 

  • Richard Malik DVSc DipVetAn MVetClinStud PhD FASM FACVSc
  • Derek Spielman MVSc BSc PhD MACVSc (Wildlife Medicine)

Metatarsal fistulation

Seen in German Shepherd Dogs and their crosses, metatarsal fistulation is generally considered to be an auto-immune condition. This new topic has been added to the Dermatology category:

Written by Charlie Walker BVetMed CertVD MRCVS

Mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas

Mycoplasmas are currently divided into hemotropic and non-hemotropic types. This topic has been updated:

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Reviewed by Emi Barker BSc(RVC) BVSc(Bristol) PhD(Bristol) DipECVIM-CA