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MCPD surgery

The surgical options for management of medial coronoid process disease including PAUL, SCO, BURP, BPUO, SHO, CUE are covered in this new topic:

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Written by Neil Burton BVSc DSAS(Orth) CertSAS PGCert(HE) FHEA MRCVS

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This ectoparasiticide, used to treat flea and tick infestations in dogs for 1 month, has been added to the Parasitology category:


Reviewed by Linda Horspool BVMS PhD DipECVPT MRCVS

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Polymerase chain reaction in the Laboratory medicine category has been updated:

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Diagnostic trees

There are currently 91 diagnostic trees in the Diagnostic Trees category (with links to the relevant topics in Canis). Here are a few examples:

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