BSAVA Calls for Award Nominations


If you know someone who has made a real difference in small animal practice, don’t forget to nominate them for a prestigious BSAVA Award. Nominations close on 4 November...
The BSAVA Awards are held at Congress every year (2-5 April 2020, Birmingham UK) and are a way to celebrate the many great things happening in the profession. To be eligible individuals must be nominated by a BSAVA member – but nominees do not have to be members themselves. Members can nominate as many people as they like in as many of the categories as they wish.

The Award categories are:


  • The Woodrow Award, recognising contributions to the advancement of small animal medicine
  • The Bourgelat Award, recognising international contributions to small animal practice
  • The Simon Award, recognising outstanding contributions in the field of veterinary surgery
  • The PetSavers Award, recognising contributions to clinical aspects of small animal practice


  • The Amoroso Award, recognising outstanding contributions to teaching of small animal studies


  • The Blaine Award, recognising contributions to the advancement of small animal science Welfare
  • The Bruce Vivash Jones Award, recognising advancement of veterinary nursing
  • The J.A.Wright Memorial Award, recognising contributions to the welfare of companion animals
  • The Ray Butcher Award, recognising contributions to animal welfare in the community
Applications are also open for the Frank Beattie Travel Scholarship, which enables a member of the BSAVA community to travel abroad to study a particular aspect of veterinary practice. The £2,000 scholarship is only available to BSAVA members and applications must be self nominated.

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