Red Tractor Assurance Announce New Dairy Standards


Changes to the Red Tractor dairy standards, which come into force from 1 October, have been published by Red Tractor...
Compliance with the National Johne’s Management Plan (NJMP) is now a requirement of Red Tractor Farm Assurance standards due to come in force from October 1st 2019.

The appropriate management strategy needs to be identified through a discussion with a BCVA Accredited Johne’s Veterinary Advisor taking into account:
  • Current prevalence of Johne’s on the farm
  • Biosecurity risk associated with the farm
  • Biocontainment risk associated with the farm
  • Resources
  • Aspiration of the farm
As a result, a copy of the NJMP Declaration, completed and signed by a BCVA Accredited Johne’s Veterinary Advisor, must be available at the time of the annual review.

For further information visit (pdf downloard).

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