Government Drive to Source Ventilators for COVID-19 Pandemic


Mechanical ventilators are critically important in supporting the recovery of patients hospitalised by COVID-19.

Government and the NHS are ramping up our ventilator supply to prepare for expected increases in the number of patients suffering from severe respiratory problems. We have successfully procured additional ventilators through supply chains, and issued a call to industry to develop ventilators for use on the NHS.

With the support of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, British Small Animal Veterinary Association, British Equine Veterinary Association, British Veterinary Association, Major Employers Group, Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists and the Animal Health Trust, we are also asking the veterinary community to help the country and the NHS to identify mechanical ventilators that were previously used on the NHS.

We are aware that many veterinary practices across the country may have NHS Compatible - Human Ventilators that they are not using for emergency animal care. To be clear we are not asking for ventilators only suitable for animals. We are also cognisant of animal welfare, and that you will need to set aside ventilators for emergency veterinary care. We are therefore only asking you to contribute what you can, acknowledging the difficult balance involved.

We need these ventilators urgently, to support with the COVID-19 response. Thank you in advance for responding to the call.

How to get in touch - Please submit your interest and information regarding how you can help via this Survey.