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For all your CPD requirements:
  • Compare a range of modules from many leading CPD providers.
  • Search for online CPD modules by practice type or body systems and discipline.
  • Manage your work and track your progress and results – all in one easy to use learning management system.
  • No subscription – start your online CPD with our quick and easy pay-per-module service.
  • Join Vetacademy Plus to receive vouchers, Vetstream discounts and additional support materials.

Vets, nurses, managers and receptionists will benefit from online courses and video covering clinical, management and communication topics. Vetacademy covers a wide range of categories, from those that clinically cover a variety of species, to customer service and communication.

Some module examples include:

Toxicology course from VPIS

Caring for clients course from Chunk Training

Budgeting Basics from Microlearn

Exotic Small Mammal Anesthetic Techniques from NAVC

Fish Anatomy and Physiology from The Aquarium Vet


We can provide Vetacademy for your whole practice with our annual practice subscription option. This offers one simple solution to meet the needs and requirements of your veterinary practice. If you choose to go with this you will benefit from:

  • 500 points - the same as 50 hours of CPD of your choice for your practice team
  • Unlimited personalised learning accounts for each team member (vets, nurses, managers and receptionists!)
  • Up to 15% discount on additional courses
  • Free 30-day trials of Vetstream services (worth £120!)
and much more...!

You can chose to assign CPD points or courses to each team member.
  • Points: Allow each team member to choose their own CPD using points you allocate
  • Courses: You choose the CPD courses each team member should take

Monitor progress

  • You can also opt-in to receive quarterly learning progress reports for your staff- at no additional cost.  Why not reward extra points to staff when they complete their CPD?

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Over 40 new canine and feline surgery CE/CPD modules have been added to Vetlexicon Learn on Vetacademy...