Is your practice as good with managing people as it is about managing your clinical cases?

When you have a canine clinical case and you are not sure of the next steps for the diagnosis, you can turn to reference sources such as Vetlexicon Canis, but what do you do when the problem is more about management of your practice?

Now you can access Vetstream Practis – a cost effective business management resource written by more than 100 experts that you can refer to 24/7, covering all key business management topics, so that you can manage your practice as well as the practice’s clinical cases.


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  • Available on all internet connected devices so you will have access to it 24/7 wherever you are.
  • Personalisable – add notes and links to other management tools and resources that you would like to have easy access to.
  • Updated on a regular basis with new content and topics so that it is up to date with regulatory changes, and changes in management philosophy and thinking.
  • ‘Accessible’ so that the majority of people with disabilities can access the information.
  • ‘Responsive’ so will work on all device types.

Practis comes from over 100 authors, one of the largest and most experienced teams of management experts and consultants ever gathered to pool their practical management know-how and expertise into an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand resource.

More than 138 topics are available: