The Pathway is a learning transfer platform encompassing so-called reflective learning, mentoring, 70:20:10 fundamentals, on the job training, performance support and ways for staff to record their ideas to improve the practice. It is not about understanding information, it is much more about changing behavior and embedding that behavior.

The Pathway differs from a learning management system because it delivers activities to people, rather than content. That fundamental difference in premise makes it a very different tool to and LMS, and it is used in a very different way.

  • It is focused on experimental and activity learning rather than ‘content consumption’ learning.
  • Think of DRIVE or Pathway as a learning workflow tool.
  • A workflow is a planned sequence of tasks or activities that culminate in a specified outcome. And that outcome needs to be measurable to understand if the workflow was successful.
  • The specified outcome we are looking for is the desired employee behavior change which is triggered by learning followed by the necessary practice.
  • People need to actually DO things to make absorbed information any use. So, a learning workflow makes sense where people learn by doing, step by step.
  • A training course, without a learning workflow (or learning programme) wrapped around it and spread over time, is most unlikely to create behavior change.

Einstein said Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.