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  •   Burmese 

General information

  • Developed originally in the USA and first imported to the UK in 1949.
  • All Burmese imported onto the GCCF register from other registries must be microchipped and must have been DNA tested to show they are clear of all the following genetic anomalies. A Veterinary Certificate of the test results is required: Hypokalemic Polymyopathy Hypokalemic myopathy (Burmese), Burmese Head Defect (Burmese Congenital Craniofacial defect) Craniofacial defect, Burmese GM2 Gangliosidosis Storage disease.
  • Championship status.
  • Active, extremely friendly and sometimes boisterous. Can be noisy.
  • Need little grooming.

Biological data

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