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Hematology: reticulocyte count

Contributor(s): Kathleen P Freeman


  • Immature form of RBC normally only present in bone marrow or in peripheral blood in low numbers.
  • Released into circulation when increased demand.
  • Reticulocytes appear in the blood 2-4 days after sudden blood loss. Therefore repeat sampling may be necessary.
  • To determine if anemia is regenerative or non-regenerative.
  • Other reticulocyte calculations are the absolute reticulocyte count and the reticulocyte production index (RPI).
  • Reticulocytes are best identified on supravital stains, eg new methylene blue stain.
    This may not be done routinely unless requested.
  • Polychromatophilic cells with Romanowsky stains are reticulocytes, but may underestimate response based on polychromasia alone.


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  • Cytological examination of supravitally stained blood smear.


  • Widely available at commercial laboratories.



  • Moderate to high.


  • Low.

Technique (intrinsic) limitations

  • Periodic filtering of NMB stain required to prevent precipitation that may be confused with reticulocytes.

Technician (extrinsic) limitations

  • Requires some experience for accurate identification of all reticulocytes.

Result Data

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