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Contributor(s): Ian Battersby, Jo Murrell, Simon Platt



  • Gabapentin.

Class of drug

  • Anti-epileptic drug (GABA[gamma-aminobutyric acid] agonist) - analog of GABA.


Chemical name

  • 1-(aminomethyl) cyclohexaneacetic acid.

Storage requirements

  • Store at room temperature.
  • Liquid form store in refrigerator.


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  • Adjunctive treatment of generalized seizures that are considered refractory to phenobarbitone Phenobarbital and potassium bromide Potassium bromide.
  • Adjunctive gabapentin therapy will reduce frequency of generalized seizures Seizures in over approximately 45% of idiopathic epileptic Epilepsy: idiopathic dogs refractory to phenobarbitone and potassium bromide therapy.
  • Adjunctive treatment of partial seizures Seizures with or without secondary generalization not satisfactorily controlled with other anti-epileptics Therapeutics: nervous system.
  • Management of neuropathic pain in man, for example painful diabetic neuropathy or post herpetic neuralgia.
  • Prevention of Chronic Post Surgical Pain in man.
  • Reduction in acute post-surgical pain in man.
  • The efficacy of gabapentin to treat neuropathic or acute post surgical pain in dogs is poorly documented and largely anecdotal or based on published case reports involving very few animals.


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with other drugs

  • None confirmed with any other anti-convulsants Therapeutics: nervous system but it may prolong half-life of felbamate Felbamate by 50% when the two drugs are used together.
  • Oral clearance may decrease when given with cimetidine Cimetidine.
  • Does NOT reduce the MAC of isoflurane in cats, this is likely also the case in dogs.

with diagnostic tests

  • Can give false positive urine protein tests (human data).
  • May also give rise to altered liver function tests in humans. Not known in dogs or cats.

Adverse Reactions

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